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Ars Gratia Artis

Art = Love

Artfully Intact
20 June
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Welcome to the art-junk drawer of LiveJournal!

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This is a place where I'll be posting some of my various art work. Mostly LJ icons, but not limited too. I also make colorbars, textures, banners, and other things. Feel free to friend this journal and check for updates. Also, check out my personal journal - eldritchlove, my icon community (that needs members) - _icons_we_love_, and it's sister community - prismbar_love

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1.) Please don't be a dick. I'm very open to constructive criticism, but I don't want your crap.
2.) Please COMMENT if borrowing/using any of my work. I love to know what the people want!
3.) CREDIT is appreciated if you borrow/use any of my work.
4.) If you would like to be an affiliate (where I promote you and you promote me), please fill out this application: FILL IT OUT
5.) If you would like to leave a suggestion, do so here
6.) If you would like to make a graphic request, do so here

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Click on the banner above to view my various resources (for brushes, icons used, textures, etc...)